Amp Beta

Made to Order

Meet the Brains

As the smarts behind your ride's smart lighting, the Amp controls the lights with your motion and gestures.

Hook it up to one of the many light kits for your bicycle, longboard or scooter and let it control braking and turn indications for you using either motion or gestures.

If you don't see one that catches your eye, you can hook up any NeoPixel, WS2812B or SK6812 LED light strips to the Amp and control those instead!


  • IntentOS, our home built motion and gesture activated lighting system
  • Customizable automatic pulsing brake lights and indicators (running lights mode)
  • 4 ports for NeoPixel LED strips (using Futaba / PWM connectors)
  • 2A of power for lighting up LEDs
  • USB C for power or charging a LiPo / Li-ion battery
  • 9 DoF accelerometer / gyroscope / compass for motion estimation
  • Bluetooth Low Energy for controlling the lights via your phone or watch
  • Completely customizable lighting modes via Amp Mixer, our mobile app for Android and iOS

Stay in the Loop

Keep up to speed as we support new vehicles, form factors, and release new kits for the Amp.