Amp for Bicycles Beta

Made to Order

Turn your front and rear bicycle forks into the headlights, brakes, and indicators for your ride!

From now on, your rear forks will automatically pulse brake lights whenever you slow down. At the same time, your front forks will cast bright white beams that show oncoming traffic exactly where you are.

Included in the Box

  • Amp Beta (the smart lighting controller)
  • 2 front fork 10 NeoPixel light strips
  • 2 rear fork 10 NeoPixel light strips
  • 2 extension cables to connect the rears
  • 1000mAh battery

Signaling Options

Tap to Turn

Paired with the Tap handlebar controller, you can easily signal well before you turn left or right on the road, giving cars, pedestrians, and even other bicyclists ample time to plan for what you're about to do.

Traditional Bike Signals

Want to use traditional bicycle hand signals instead? Pair your Android Wear or Apple Watch to the Amp Mixer mobile app and use the gestures you're already familiar with to signal left, right, and stopping.

Amp Mixer

If you don't have a smartwatch or the Tap controller, you can mount your smartphone onto your bicycle and control the lights from there!

Stay in the Loop

Keep up to speed as we support new vehicles, form factors, and release new kits for the Amp.